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  • Sales Assistant – XPO Logistics – Charlotte, NC
    months of related experience and/or trainingIt’d be great if you also have:1 … of related experience and/or training, with a general understanding of etc…From – see full text… Job Online on Website:!8JJTj3ibN1f06u96Aocn*Swc9tYlomz*HWRNh3VyKiWf1Z6hQmxeAPlL9uPn490URA8kc*BitBtX8rUlD!FzUeTZ752sxM4tJ471wSSg!hxhCd1PK1UIGlUK98AhdZJdg*qgRw48u1Gyss16Tw0VMTJbvb*Sjr9kB5N*UomgKvFXD!r7NXHtotSGWjOnHW5HE*zQDzn*4GKaV