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Sell human organs is a job?

Do you think sell human organs can be a job? If you don’t agree with me then you should consider this fact because it has become common that people sell human organ to earn money. Due to the increase ratio of unemployment people are indulging more and more in illegal activities.

Sell human organs is a job

Sell human organs is a job

In Apocalypse 18, the Bible clearly predicts that in the last days, there is a slave market. The King James says that dealers are slaves, and souls of men for sale. This is not new, there were slavery in history. The original Greek is more understanding of the text. Literal translation of the term is the body and people’s lives. Literal translation is consistent with the fact that there is now an international market in body parts. There is an open market for parts of the child.

The United States is clearly the largest importer of sweatshops where people work long hours without enough money to earn to feed their families merchandise. The United States also buys many items in China and elsewhere, which are produced by “slaves”. There is also an international market for sex slaves, including children. Alarmingly, the traffic is sexual slavery in the United States. But it begs the question, is there a market for body parts in the United States? It is possible that the market could include the execution of an innocent? Read this article to discover the shocking truth.

Parts of the body are a booming industry in the United States. The body parts of aborted babies make huge sums of abortion. In 2000, NewsMax.com published an article entitled “Body Parts for Sale”. The article contains the following quotations from a manual of actual sales for a newborn body parts: skin $ 100; art $ 150 each; ear $ 75 per pair; $ 75 eyes; $ 250 bone marrow; spinal cord $ 325; and brain $ 999.

The value of the body is due to the fact that people want to be buried or burned; do not want to become a commodity. Therefore, the availability of organs is limited. This opens the door to a “black market” in body parts and well known that there. The countries like India, Philippians, Bosnia occur – Herzegovina, Russia, Moldova, England, South Africa, Brazil, Thailand and China are also involved.

Some believe that the mafia involved in meeting the needs of the organization. The potential for profit on the black market body parts is staggering. For the Mafia or the legality or morality is a problem.

In 2001, DIA Italy, issued the Italian equivalent of the FBI, received a report that the Italian mafia with its partners in Europe, Asia and Africa, are behind human organs of children. Sales were estimated at hundreds of millions per year. We believe that even babies and aborted babies are sold worldwide to complete the coffers of the Mafia. This is not a fantasy or a film (how Seven Pounds with Will Smith), it is a reality.

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