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5 foreign countries where to find work

While still recovering in Europe from the “Great Recession”, some countries have a relatively low unemployment rate, even if economic growth is still slow. What are the best countries in Europe to find a job?

5 foreign countries where to find work

5 foreign countries where to find work


Known for its cold winters and high taxes, Norway is the best country to work, and to find a job. This rich resource sparsely populated country has the lowest unemployment rate in Europe of about 3.4 % and is based on various studies, the lowest rate in Europe of poverty.

Most employment opportunities are booming resource-based industry in Norway, including the oil, gas and forestry nations. But Norway also has fishing and employers of seasonal farm workers.


No wonder, with which Switzerland is best with free nations export brand of high-end products such as watches; the bank and the nation’s financial system still attracts international applicants. Switzerland has less than 5 % of the unemployed, which is considered in relation to other countries in Europe.

Norway and Switzerland are not produced in the EU or in a part of Europe post-communist east. Retain their own currencies, and even if the two together with the European Union, are actually independent of Brussels.

This could have both protected by the Great Recession, although a small population, abundant natural resources, it helps in the case of Norway. While Switzerland, produces niche mountaineering closed sale is not really affected internationally for customers from the Great Recession today.


With beautiful weather and high level living status, Canada is another country in Europe where you can find jobs. The country is also offering Canadian nationality to foreigners who like to be the part of this land.


Australia is one of the emerging countries in the world that is offering huge amount of job to the people of the world. These jobs belong to every part of social life. If you are in search of good paid jobs then Australia is best.


It is hard to forget USA because this country is responsible of offering high paid jobs to professionals. The country is self-sufficient in producing employments for people.

Europe is best to find good jobs.

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