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How to dress for a job interview?

The first impression you make on a potential employer in an interview is very important. Among other things, it is very important that how you look and present yourself.

How to dress for a job interview

How to dress for a job interview

It is therefore important for a candidate to dress professionally for a job interview, even if the work required as a result of an informal structure.

What is the appropriate dress code for an interview?

For men traditional clothing navy blue, gray or black is ideal. Make sure to combine a jacket with pants that fit. You can wear a long-sleeved shirt (color, preferably white or light blue). The belt should match your shoes. A link that corresponds to the color (avoid commitments fantasy character or those with shrill fingerprints above), black socks and shoes shiny leather preservatives complete the outfit. Men should not wear any type of jewelry, or restrict a wedding ring and clock. Be in good hands. Make sure that your nails are cut and hair combed. Wearing a perfume or aftershave but not create overwhelming aroma. It is good to take with you a leather bag, which comfortably accommodates all requested documents accessories.

Despite a variety of clothing, women will also need the traditional look. One is good, gray or dark blue decorated in shades of black dress that looks smart and professional can be worn. Alternatively, a skirt dress with the same colors to be worn with low / leggings. Use low standards / leggings. The T- shirt worn must be well coordinated with the dress. Closed toe shoes medium heels are preferred. Microfiber and synthetic materials are suitable for all seasons. Avoid mixtures of viscose. Accessorize to the appearance of a good clock, a light chain around the neck, shawl etc. wear makeup to enhance a natural look. Make sure that you are in good hands. Nails should be clean and hair should be perfectly furnished and tied in a bun. A delicate fragrance is recommended

Make sure that you turn the phone to silent in the interview room. Chew gum during the interview is not good. Maintain a good posture that reflects your confidence.

Keep up with the latest fashion trends for men and women is an important criterion. For example, the shoulder, pants, high waist pants are completely out of fashion. The links are either thin or wide. Be sure to find a dress that is not only professional, but also fits wear your personality. Make sure your clothes are ironed properly.

Appropriate clothing creates the image of a person, as someone who is serious about the interview process and understands its importance in the workplace where you want to be used.

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