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Do you want change your career? 1 profession for you!

With our problems of current economic many people think to have a career change. Several job seekers have looked at the sales as a career. Many others have even worked at stores once or twice in their lives.

Do you want change your career. One profession for you

Do you want change your career? One profession for you!

And many others have failed; try again because of a bad experience. What a real shame. “It is a career that is loaded yet full of despair, and the bodies of those who have really failed to hand were stacked on each other, would have its shadow over all the earth pyramids”, this beautiful quote comes from a of my favorite books “The greatest Salesman in the world“, a classic book by Og Mandino. This is a pity because many of these sellers are actually rock stars that can be discovered by good employers, but these sellers get failed to find any.

Obviously, the main incentive to pursue a career in sales is the earning potential. The best sellers are at the top 3-5% of income earners in the country. Note that I said, the best sellers, not sellers in general. A potential difference of income, there are many other benefits for sales career, especially at this time. You can work from home at least part-time. Most sales jobs have a certain degree of autonomy, if not by much. This means that you will not be micro- managed. This means that you need self-discipline, and accountability for results.

Unfortunately, most people who have tried and failed in marketing.  They failed because they have never trained in a sales process. Have you ever heard of a mentor who knows how to navigate their way through the minefield that brings customers?  If someone has the ambition not be for sale as a career, they must be trained on the expectations, attitudes, techniques, prospecting and everything else. And the first thing you should learn is that sellers are not born. The scammers are born. Providers, especially the sellers do. The sale is a learned process. This is where I start my employees train. The next thing I teach is that selling is a people business, no activity of the Commission. This is to create, build and maintain relationships. Successful salespeople understand and are able to wrap your head around this concept. You need to take care of people. Sincerely care.

Among other professions that people want to change I have a list below.

  • Sweepers
  • Prostitutes
  • Low paid professions
  • Job that is according to your aptitudes

People really want to change above careers. So it is always desirable to find a better job for you that can keep you happy and satisfied.

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