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How to Find Opportunities in Brazil

Brazil, compared to citizens of other countries, are heavily dependent on connections and their personal and professional network for jobs. For foreigners who are not in Brazil, it is a disadvantage, not a big network.

How to Find Opportunities in Brazil

How to Find Opportunities in Brazil

Brazil is the country hardest to get a job as an expatriate. You should get a successful business in Brazil, the way in which a work visa for Brazil can be long and frustrating. This means that you should not give up if your dream is to live and work in Brazil. Getting a job as a foreigner is not impossible, and I will give you the best resources on the web, so you can start with looking for work in Brazil today.

Here, there are my favorite resources to find job opportunities as a foreigner in Brazil.

I love my research, working with the major search engines where you have to start a variety of options in one place. Of course 99.9% of these jobs will be hard to get if you’re not in Brazil. Do you have a series of questions, which is really a numbers game… I’m talking about hundreds of applications to send. And better at a rate of 0.5-1.0% (people who will tell you where you submitted your application / CV) have planned to return. However, I would encourage you to try, because you never know what connections do.

  • Riley Guide: To allow carefully selected locations in search of work in the countries and/or regions.
  • Fact: One of my two engines for the job search in general.
  • Career: My other job search engine usually preferred. Good for the world in search of work in the least.
  • Catholicism: Not as good as the two mentioned above, in my opinion, but still as the search giant Catho Brazil to work (www.catho.com.br), but not the international coverage, and the pages above. Field preferred Catholic higher positions.
  • Curriculum: Not as much traffic as the sites mentioned above, but it’s worth a try.
  • Info Job: I like the simple and easy interface on this page. There are jobs (called “vagas” in Portuguese) has published almost every day.
  • Trovit: A little confidence, which also has a couple of decent jobs.
  • UOL Empregos: This Brazilian news site has an extensive database of job vacancies.
  • Banco Nacional de Empregos: Brazilian Big job search engines.
  • Responsible: reliable website to leadership positions.
  • Vagas: Vagas is really good for low-end jobs as sales representatives, but it is not good for the positions of CEO and director.

Teach English: Teaching English is easiest way (if you are a native English speaker) to get job. All the above sites are very similar and have a huge amount of job opportunities teaching English. Make sure that this table shows the cost of the International Academy for teachers, such as teachers expect to earn money in different countries around the world.

ESL Jobs: not the prettiest interface, but need a good website if you have many ways to get to work teaching English to choose from.

Total ESL: An interface to complete, but many jobs for teacher positions abroad.

ESL Cafe: Dave did a great job in creating some of the best jobs in the world.

Tesall: great tasks aggregator of education.

Football Maestro: A site with teaching jobs in Latin America.

Gringoes.com: a resource for employment as an English teacher in São Paulo.

Transitions Abroad: a great list of English language teaching in Latin America contact.

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