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What are Accidents and Diseases at the Workplace?

If you are an employer, self-employed or in control of the work required under RIDDOR to report some work-related accidents, diseases and dangerous occurrences.

Notification of accidents and diseases at the workplace is required by law. The information in the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and local authorities are included to detect, investigate where and how the risks to serious accidents.

What are Accidents and Diseases at the Workplace

What are Accidents and Diseases at the Workplace

If there is an accident, you need the following report:

  • Death or serious injury;
  • Injuries leave for three days(which iswhen an employeeorself-employed personhas an accidentat workand cannot workmorethan three days,but it is importanttohave an injury);
  • A working relationshipwith the disease;
  • A hazardousevent (if something happens, do not lead toa breach of thisinformation, but that would beclarified).

It is very important for every worker to wear safety wears. These wears must be present at the working place by the employers. This is their duty. You have seen in many factories that workers are working without safety wears. This is mostly happen in third world countries, but this practice is illegal.

Because of all these happenings, many accidents have been reported. These accidents include death and disabilities. One cannot deny the importance of hamlets, safety shoes, safety gloves and other things.

It is quite easy to get these safety wears at reasonable price from nearby shops. All is about your safety. It is the duty of every worker to wear these safety things in order to keep him away from accidents. It is also very necessary to spread awareness among labors or workers about these safety wears.

Internet can play the best role in this regards. It is accessible and in easy reaches of everyone. So, workers must learn more about their safety that how they can avoid accidents during work.

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