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Some Jobs in the house: plumber, mason and electrician

Everybody who make house in his life wants to maintain it. It is necessary to work on house from time to time. As, everything needs repair and up gradation, so is your house it also needs your attention.

Some Jobs in the house plumber, mason and electrician

Some Jobs in the house plumber, mason and electrician

There are lots of works on home as of plumber, mason and electrician. This is very clear that all such works can’t be done by you. You cannot be a plumber, electrician or mason at the same time. So, it is always good to hire the services of experts.


What to do plumbing?

The plumbing installation, repair and maintenance of piping systems in residential, commercial and/or industrial. These systems include the distribution and the elimination of traditional water, but because of new technology, water lines and gas installers combines ventilation may also work, live fire systems, irrigation and chemicals. (For this reason, there are also certified as qualified fitters for most jobs in the license plumber). You can set up special systems to customers, such as fuel supply, wastewater, water treatment, install the air – gas and medicine.

The duties of a plumber are:

  • installation, repair and maintenance of pipes, fittings and other plumbing equipment;
  • the walls and floors to accommodate pipe and fittings; welding, assembly and test tubes for leaks;
  • preparation costs are estimates;
  • Interpret diagrams and drawings;
  • Supervision of trainees, and much more.

Installers must also be aware of the safety procedures and follow at all times. Heating is more than adequate tube.

The working conditions

The majority of Plumbers work five days a week for eight hours a day, but may work overtime during peak periods or in particular major projects. You can in a team or on their own work, indoors or outdoors, depending on the project. Plumbers spend a lot of time on their feet and occasional treat for large tools and / or machinery.


A mason structures in masonry, concrete or stone blocks, depending on the material from which it is dedicated. These structures are walls, fences and sidewalks. They work mainly on residential buildings, but they can also build commercial buildings. Freemasons are they classified by the material to work with. You can be a block masons, bricklayers or masons. Freemasons are sometimes called builders.

Facts of work

Two years ago there were 17,000 masons and 90,000 mason block. More than half of masonry was used by the contractors. Twenty-nine percent were self-employed. Most of the masonry work full time but overtime required to meet deadlines.
The work in this profession can be dangerous. The accident rate is higher than for others.

Education requirements

Typical training for this profession is currently 3-4 years of learning, but that could soon change. Short programs that could focus on the skills and not the amount of time will soon become the norm. At the moment, the apprentice has 144 hours of related technical instruction and 2,000 hours of on-the-job training paid each year to complete. Including the fact that training in blueprint reading, the requirements of the building code, mathematics, safety and first aid.


Most electricians have work opportunities because of what they ultimately decide a specialty in which they are growing better trained and thrive.

Today, professional electricians tend to fall into one of these categories.


This type of electrician working in private homes and condominiums. They work mainly in the construction, installation of cables, connectors, fittings, etc. Or they can focus primarily on the rehabilitation, maintenance and repair of existing houses. Many residential electricians working for electricians and other professionals to market their services to general contractors, or direct to the owner.


While electricians work for residential, commercial and industrial, they also tend to work in and around buildings. They install and maintain power lines. Because of the enormous stresses involved – and because their work often crawl to great tours in all kinds of weather – work linesman can be very dangerous. Safety is always a big problem, especially if you are prompted to repair power lines! Linemen often work for electrical services in the public – or have private electricity companies.

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