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How to become an Entry level engineer and find job now!

So you must have a degree in mechanical engineering and are now looking for your first job. Most job descriptions require professional experience. The problem is if you have no work experience.

How to become an Entry level engineer and find job now

How to become an Entry level engineer and find job now

You have half a cooperative not come giving some experience on your resume. Things are not so good for you. Can you imagine your future in five years. We see that still lives and works in a McDonald’s with your parents. Do not worry, I landed in the shoes and I have everything the first major task that you started your career. I will teach you what to do that your current vision of the future should not be the reality.

Through my experience in the study and landing my first job as an engineer entry level, I learned there are three ways to gain experience.

  1. You can go to school for a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, aeronautics, or business. Through the rest of the candidates that are set for the mechanical work input range many companies prefer experience. This is a good option if you want a little more to stay in school. It also gives you the opportunity to make connections with teachers and other networks in your area.
  2. You can take a job as a mechanical engineer. It’s necessary standards are ANSI Y14.5 and CAD software SolidWorks, how to get a job like this. It is quite easy to find a job, design, if you practice ANSI Y14.5 and SolidWorks and have a degree in mechanical engineering. You pay less, but you will gain experience. If you know nothing of the standard version, then go to the local university and proposed for inclusion in a stretching class, and also a course in SolidWorks resellers. Once you have these skills, you would associate with recruiting companies like Aerotek. They are set to be filled by companies looking for candidates for positions. If you are with a company you find yourself as a designer, they will reward you for the promotion of a mechanical engineer, if you do hard work. If this is not the case, at least you have some experience that will make your resume outstanding.
  3. Just be very persistent in your job search. Here is a list of action points:
  • Check job sites like Monster, Indeed, CareerBuilder, Craigslist and every day and to apply, you must attend the engineering experience of five years or less
  • Send your resume to above mentioned sites
  • During the interview, make sure that you know the answers of many questions about the company and what they ask. This will show passion and interest
  • Find local businesses in your area that you like, call them to find out the hiring manager and ask them to speak. Tell yourself that you are really interested in them, and I would take a look at your resume for them
  • If you do not seem to have any luck on the phone deliver your resume personally at the reception

If you apply these techniques, I am sure you will find all entry level engineering jobs easily. Whatever you do, do not be discouraged!

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