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Highest Paying Jobs in Europe

Many people try into the labor market to apply for a position of high-paying work. It is no secret that some jobs and professions pay their employees more money, which one of the main motivating factors for the application of the specific job titles, fields, and homework.

Highest Paying Jobs in Europe

Highest Paying Jobs in Europe

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics National Compensation, recipient of the employees are paid an average of just over $ 20 per hour, while the workers get an average of $ 15 per hour. The working group, which is paid by the hour, usually receives an average salary of about $ 10 per hour.

When it comes to landing jobs that offer higher wages, education is the key to the year in the world of well-paying jobs. For some companies, a four-year degree through their job seekers is at least required. In the United States, there are certain activities which have presented the most attractive over the years always remuneration packages. Usher in the lists are well-paying jobs in medicine, law and engineering.

Top Jobs Global Pay

If you get a college degree, many doors with a series of steps that lead to a large number of higher paying jobs are open competition. After all the years of the medical degree, physicians and surgeons make an average of $ 147,000 for year. Looking for a career in pharmacy? Average salary includes an annual salary of $ 85,500.

Though, the police officers patrolling the streets, even then they are paid an average of $ 99,800. If you have trained to fly the friendly skies and are good at what you do, you will earn an average salary of $ 133,500 as an airplane pilot. A business is a fairly profitable business with an average annual income of a total of $ 116,000 for certain executives.

Engineers also make a tidy sum; learn with an average annual salary of $ 112,000, only to the tricks of the electric field and electronics. Depending on where you are, the following titles will be an average annual salary in the low to mid range to seek $ 80,000: Management Analyst, IT managers and information system; Financial analysts, managers and consultants; Director of Marketing & Sales, and education administrators.

As the employment outlook in your area based on analyzing the title, you should know that the position affect the received high wages. For example, different cities, states and districts to low, medium and high to show a wide range of fluctuation in the job description salaries. For example, a real estate attorney in Battle Creek, Michigan aims at an average of $87,000 to $164,000 to make per year, while the same real estate attorney in the Bronx, New York trying to make between $100,000 and $188,000 per year. Of course, the cost of living makes annual wages appear better than they actually fail.

Top Paying Jobs for Students

For those who have not completed high school, there are still jobs in the labor market, it – to get on the job training and work experience, a reasonable wage. If education and schooling is missing, have to find a use for a director of industrial production ($ 36,000) some people; Officer / jailer or criminal court ($ 36,400); Draftsman ($ 36,000); Construction manager ($ 33,600); and electricians ($ 31,900).

Top Paying Jobs for Graduates

On vocational training and work experience also helps graduates make a decent software engineers ($ 58,900) life; Chief Information Officer / Information systems ($ 56,400); Computer programmer ($ 55,000); Analysts, System and Data Communication network ($ 49,000); General and Operations managers ($ 48,000); network & database administrators and computer systems ($ 48,000).

Top Paying Jobs: Two-year Degree

The specific training and certification as a medical professional can bring for an average annual salary of $ 66,000 years. Other employment opportunities include Business Analyst ($ 58,000); Electronic and Electric Engineers ($ 57,000); Mechanical Engineers ($ 56,800); General Manager and Operations ($ 54,000).

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