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Example of employment tribunal

In April 2014, the tax will be introduced in the judicial system, the first time to work. Until now, the actor has not had to pay taxes to enforce their rights in labor.

Example of employment tribunal

Example of employment tribunal

This is because if the justice system was created, it was designed to provide access to justice, not discourage workers from their rights against unscrupulous car type of employer.

But be introduced in April 2014 taxes. Applicant who wishes to file a claim for unpaid wages and the dismissal, must pay a fee for the initial issuance of £ 160 and an additional fee of £ 230 when the problem go to an audition (for a total of £ 390). However, those who need to bring the termination, discrimination, equal pay claims and to pay taxes even higher to £ 250 to trigger the event, and an additional fee of £ 950 if the problem you are going to a hearing (that is to say a total of 1,200 pounds).

Coalition justification for these new taxes that governments reduce the bill for the operation of the Court for the taxpayers, employers and workers to promote is to alternative dispute resolution, search, and advises employees with the needs of low and vexatious take the first.

However, the decision to introduce fees has many critics. For example, the General Counsel, Theo Huckle QC, Senior Legal Advisor to the Welsh Assembly Government, argues that he true and free access to justice for all citizens, if their demands are popular or unpopular is an integral part of the democratic solution UK. This Decision totally thought undermines this principle process of approaching a judge’s a real challenge for most citizens.

Brendan Barber, TUC General Secretary, said: “The criticism of the fact that workers have the same access to the courts, but the introduction of fees for the judge considers many – especially those with low wages – a much more legitimate claims of the Court”. UK workers at risk is simply a price on justice. Workers are more likely mistreated at work as rogue bosses can the right, without fear of sanctions to break the David Prentis, general secretary of Unison, said: “This is a shameful act that tipped the scales of justice tilts heavily against employers and denied appeal for those who do not pay the money”. Unison has in the creation involved equal pay claims hundreds and thousands of women. If these women do not have the support of the union, and had to pay in advance for access to justice, many have lost.

In essence, the applicant must pay £ 1,200 to submit claims for discrimination and dismissal denied access to justice for many. Ask threatened against unjustified dismissal and unemployment? Would you be willing to pay for a request for termination £ 1,200 be? The answer for many (perhaps most) are not, no matter how strong their case. Look at it from another point of view. Have you ever been the victim of bullying and harassment at work been? Have you ever been wrongfully dismissed or was due to the unbearable left by the employer no choice but to resign?

Have you ever been the victim of gender and/or racial discrimination in the workplace has been? Now, thanks to the new measure of the coalition government, if you can afford to pay £ 1,200, you absolutely have to worry about no claim against your employer. Worse, it used to be the case, that claim must be submitted on a termination of the application; staff has simply a year of continuous operation with their employer. Now, thanks to the coalition, which was increased up to 2 years? This means that if you start a new job, the new employer can more or less get away with bullying and harassment for the first 2 years of work without effective because you do not have recourse to the Labor Court. Where is the justice?

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