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6 Best Companies in the World in which to Work

Earlier this year, experts have compiled a list of the 6 best high-tech companies in the world. It is really a huge chance for works to work with them.

We take a look at why these companies are great places to work and that how other companies (maybe even yours) can learn employee engagement strategies.

6 Best Companies in the World in which to Work

6 Best Companies in the World in which to Work

Here is a list of top 6 companies

  1. Elite SEM – Search Engine Marketing
  2. Interactive Intelligence – Global provider of call center technology and software solutions
  3. Twitter – An introduction is probably not necessary for these online social networking and micro blogging giant
  4. 360i – Digital agency specializing in search marketing, social media, mobile marketing, web design and development digital marketing agency created communication campaigns
  5. Crowd tap – Influence Social Marketing Platform
  6. Google – One of the most admired companies in the world

Unless you’re in the market for a new use of technology and is looking for places to submit a CV, it is most important to learn more about how to create a great company.

What makes these companies workspaces?

These companies show a remarkable work; their employees are appreciated due to the quality of their work. By creating an environment that encourages career development of their employees, give leaders dedicated, loyal and productive employees. This has worked so well for Elite SEM; they had since its inception in 2004.

The ability to lead by a dedicated staff that can keep really appreciated and inspired are the higher profit margins for the company. This is due to the strong relationship between the financial performance of a company and employee engagement. Greater involvement of employees who feel appreciated their work tends to increase efficiency in the office. In addition, it creates a culture of hard working employees, who feel connected to each other.

Although excellent salaries and benefits, effective leadership, and emphasis on work-life balance are important factors that make these companies a pleasant place to work.

These companies have their employees on an annual “Fun Day” – in which they treated the staff to a seven-day stay with leisure activities. This use of incentive creates memorable travel experiences as a reward for valued employees and is proven to be rewarded in employee motivation.

Other notables, these companies create to satisfy employees are: book clubs, teleworking, profit sharing, flexible hours and improvised days if necessary. Google has become well known for amazing on-site facilities such as sports facilities, 24/7 gyms, free food and laundry / dry cleaning free. Perhaps the most compelling advantage that extends Google refers to the death of employees. If an employee dies during their employment, the company will donate 50 % of the salary of the employee to spouse or life partner for a decade!

Employees who feel valued and appreciated exert greater effort to stay longer with companies and advocates strong brand.

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  1. Amie Anderson 2015-05-20 11:46 pm Reply

    Yes I can see why these companies would be great to work for. I would love to work for Google. You hear so much about it and it is a big company that is rather successful. I feel that I could do a good job there but there are so many that are reaching out for those jobs that I think they may be hard to get.

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