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Virtual Platform modeling (SystemC, TLM2.0) – S & D Engineering Solutions – San Diego, CA

Consultant with SystemC TLM2.0experience performing Virtual Platform Modelingfor12 months contract work.Develop functionally accurate VP model using SystemC and TLM2.0 to help FW team with early FW development and validation. Develop tests for verifying correct implementation of components. Integrate IP Models and verification for System Level use cases. 6-10 years of experience on Virtual Platform modeling, verification and integration of model to system level platforms. Proficient in C++, C, Verilog, SystemC, simulation tools, synthesis tools Proficient in developing TL models using TLM2.0 standard. Proficient with TLM2.0 and integrating models into system level platform. Knowledge of ARM, ARC architecture. – provided by Dice SystemC, etc…
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Job Online on Website:!8JCk7Q8pzz*tycqpMbimdtEVWzCQTpWr5NphTBVzQ3HZNFPksL9zOMXmMC5Oq4s68sycLV8uMPVXEyRz4GK0G1fytSUP8XNR5Nnb0l8QFcvQ!vXBJKD*HGEJ3U8rVQgaVQr3wCF1kl2D6qBHDjy7UbKyzXpPDRUxMlu9v5KOv2QHk35SiaAq8VcP*vs1ce2i1IZaM6cdbkcT7NAPOf7gYppU=



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