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Teaching Positions (Art, Music, Dance)

Position: Art teacher, dance teacher and music teacher
Dance teacher: (2 quotas)

01. Teach dancing and physique course
02. Prepare for classes, course ware and so on materials according to school and training center arrangement. Being positive to finish related teaching work.
03. Being positive to support enrollment and consolation’s work to popularize related new courses and have model lessons, such as ballet, yoga, physique, classic and so on.

01. Female, graduate from art college or are on the job. Majoring in dancing, music performance and so on. Good dancing, profession and vocal music skills preferred.
02. Good appearance and temperament, strong language communication skills, bear hardships and stand hard work, love education career and have great passion with it.
03. With team spirit, ability to organize and coordinate

Music teacher (1 quota)

01. Have individual approach for students
02. Provide high quality professional teaching service for high school students
03. Increase student’s interest, build a good study habit
04. Help students to make up for deficiency, and improve their learning competitiveness.

01. Female, graduate from art college or are on the job.
02. Good appearance and temperament, integrity and decent, have affinity
03. strong language communication skills, bear hardships and stand hard work, open personality
04. being responsible, patient, love education career and have great passion with it

Art teacher(1 quota)

1. Teaching high school students the basics about art(painting, drawing, sketch)
2. Make weekly lesson plans
3. Arrange tests according to the curriculum to check the students’ comprehensibility

01. patient, responsible, team work spirit
02. with great professional knowledge, and artistic capacity
03. having the knowledge about art examination training, teaching experience preferred
04. able to use office software and internet fluently
05. with knowledge of educational psychology, with great teaching ability
06. with great expression ability
07. affinity, could make classes lively, very informative
08. love teaching, being positive, with great responsibility

Recruitment content: 6 month internship (if interns have good performance, and obey the
work system, we will sign the one year labor contact and arrange work visa)

Internship: 1000.00EURO/M (including 300.00EURO/M accommodation allowance)
Work time: 5days/week, 5hours/day

After internship: 1500.00EURO/M (including 300.00EURO/M accommodation allowance),
Work time: 5days/week, 8hours/day

After 6 month internship, we will be responsible for applicants return ticket, if applicant buy
the round way tickets, the finance office will refund 50% of the whole ticket fee after 3
months in China.

Interns will enjoy one month travel and family vacation after 6 month internship.

Please send your CV and letter of interest to the email as listed below:

We look forward to receiving your application!



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