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President – JM Murray – Albany, NY

JM Murray seeks a dynamic individual to lead and provide executive management to our organization which has a 50 year history of supporting and assisting individuals with disabilities. This is an exciting opportunity to provide strong leadership and vision to an organization with approximately 250 employees and an operating budget of 20 million dollars. The President oversees three separate business entities: JM Murray, a 501c3 not for profit organization, Enterprise Service Technologies, a wholly owned for profit subsidiary, and as a partner in OraLine, Inc., a provider of customized dental products. The President will be an outstanding leader with proven skills to build upon J M Murray’s successful achievements both as a leading etc…
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Job Online on Website:!8JE4QiIxpivid3FFvG4mb3Opn3CeZNnu!7j1NaFIhPuGOsTjKWf3H0UCtiyOHSBcOkxwzWahGcIGZW6QCK9ixLxxHEK7WguZjgd1RxZL1awAREVkfYGjcVbJVvg9KzxUWvFDsDsyk!uxJjJf3mx!djESIvykShDRD4BtQYrsaP2*tTNR9DbdFl6s2fX18ssEcSQMjyw8EnADe



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