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Manager Business – Bridgeport, CT Area Jobs – Bridgeport, CT

MANAGER, BUSINESS ANALYTICS GFS & PAYMENTS Pitney Bowes Inc. seeks a Mgr, Bus Analytics GFS & Payments in Stamford, CT. Create platform for decision support across GFS & Payments. Develop business analytics inc. deployment of Global Payment Hub, stabilization & growth of GFS customer portfolio, & international expansion of GFS & Payments capabilities. Improve model incorp. stat. analysis of transactional key payments & processing variables, & analysis of financial flows. Manage the foreign exchange risk management program. Reassess authorization currencies. Pproductize capabilities & redundancies around operating modeling. At least a master’s or its equiv. in Finance, Economics or rel. field & at least 2 yrs of prior wrk exper. in etc…
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Job Online on Website:!8JE4QiIxpivid3FFvG4mb3Opn3CeZNnu!7j1NaFIhPuGOsTjKWf3H0UCtiyOHSBcOkxwzWahGcIGZW6QCK9ixLxxHEK7WguZjgd1RxZL1awAREVkfYGjcVbJVvg9KzxUWvFDsDsyk!uxJjJf3mx!djESIvykShDRD4BtQYrsaP2*tTNR9DbdFl6s2fX18ssEcSQMjyw8EnADe



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