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Job Fair Trimble County, Ghent & E. W. Brown – Day & Zimmermann – La Grange, KY

Job Fair Trimble County Day&Zimmermann Ghent, & E.W. Brown Day & Zimmcrmann Oper Shop will be corducting a Jab Fair far patential poeitions working at the Le&E and KU citce of Trimble County in Bedford, Kentucky Ghent in Ghent, Kenlucky. and E.W. Browm in Haadsburg Kentucky Bring an updaled reeume. Nol all posibons requie experience. For rore Informatlon please call 858-605-0272 Crafts Include: Where? Boilermakers Welders Warehouse LaGrange Community Center 307 Weet Jeffereon Street LaGrange. KY 4003 Operators . satety Professlonals Holpcrs .Laborere When? Tuasday, Augst 20. 2019 8.00m-3.00pm Military Veterans encoragd to aterd. Your mlitary experiznce may qualify in lieu efinueiry experience. Accitional informat on regarding military etc…
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